Terms and Conditions

Digitally printed fabric produces exceptional detailing at affordable prices, however, the nature of the process also has disadvantages. While all fabrics are printed to have approximately 56” of usable print, some pieces may have flaws, cuts, or even chunks missing (these are typically from quality assurance sampling) along the selvage.  Flaws within 4” of the… Continue reading Terms and Conditions

Pattern Hacks & Modifications

The fully lined sleeveless bodice: Burrito method.

Over the years, I've really come to love the look of a sleeveless dress bodice.  I love it even more when there is no top stitching, neck binding, or arm bands - the finished product just looks so simple and classy! It has been many years since I've made a garment where this technique was… Continue reading The fully lined sleeveless bodice: Burrito method.